About the school

Microsoft Research Russia Summer School "Doing Research in the Cloud" will take place in Moscow, Russia, on July 30 - August 6, 2014. The school is organized by Microsoft Research in cooperation with with Yandex and Lomonosov Moscow State University. The school continues the tradition of Microsoft Summer Schools, which have been held every year since 2009. This summer the school will differ from our previous model. Our goal is to train a new generation of researchers to build cloud-based tools and services to support scientific discovery in an age of “big data”. In the past we have focused on a student body consisting primarily of young computer scientists. For this school we will expand the student selection to include researchers from any academic discipline who have an understanding of basic scientific data analysis and programming skills in any standard Modern language used in science (for example C++, C#, Python).

The summer school will include one day of Windows Azure training. Each student will have an Azure training pass which provides access to Windows Azure. Every student will be required to bring a Windows or Mac laptop with a modern browser and we will provide wireless access in the living quarters or wherever the students will work. The students will each complete several introductory exercises in the first days of the class.

Doing research in the cloud 2014



  • Professor Geoffrey Fox, Indiana University, USA. His topic will be Patterns of Cloud Computing.
  • Professor Sergey Berezin, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia. He will describe building desktop and Web application that use the cloud for analysis and data.
  • Dr. Roger Barga, Microsoft Corporation, who will discuss Big Data and machine learning in the cloud.
  • Professor Paul Watson, Newcastle University, UK speaking on cloud workflow and scientific applications.


Advanced undergraduates, MS and PhD students, young scientists (35 or under), and developers interested in cloud computing are encouraged to apply. The school is primarily aimed at Russian residents, but students residing abroad who do not need a visa to enter Russia may apply (see FAQ). English is the working language of the school, but some presentations will be in Russian; fluency in English is required and knowledge of Russian is strongly recommended. Minimal necessary background includes an introductory algorithms class and programming skills in any standard Modern language used in science (for example C++, C#, Python). Accepted students will pay no tuition, and the school will cover their accommodations in hotel "Orekhovo", meals, and social program. The students are expected to pay for their travel to Moscow and back.


The school will have courses, lectures, question and answer sessions, and homework.

When and How to Apply

Qualified candidates should complete their applications by March 15, 2014March 21, 2014. Submission will be opened from February 1, 2014. We strongly encourage interested candidates to register right away (application can be completed later). Registration is simple and takes two minutes. Registered candidates will recieve mail notifications from organizing committee. Application material (including transcript, short CV, a term paper (курсовая) or a research paper, and optional supporting material, see FAQ ) can be uploaded and updated any time until the application deadline. Acceptance decisions will be made around May 15, 2014.

For additional information, send an email to cloud2014 [at] lists [dot] cs [dot] msu [dot] ru.